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Search Techniques for Reliable Results

Anyone can write a book. Whether a publisher will edit, print and distribute is a matter of expert evaluation. Some terrible titles may even pass through and find their audience, but will certainly not end up in a state library. …

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What’s My IP Address

Google has been accused of going beyond simply showing search results and stepping into new niches. This time I have to thank them for doing a great job. I hated those “what’s my IP” websites loaded with ads and hidden …

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Spaceship Priceless

Image courtesy of ‘The Battle Clinic': http://sfc.battleclinic.com/docks/view.php?id=1676…

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Google Webmaster Tools [January Update]

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools gets an UI and minor functionality upgrade, a nice touch in series of interface improvements which started appearing last year.

Probably the most exciting two new functions are:

1) Download the chart data
2)  Show n Rows…

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