Author Stats Available in Google Webmaster Tools

author stats in gwtMost recent update from Google yet again improved the authorship annotations, this time not just by adding more to the serp, but allowing the authors to look at the statistics about their author profile in Google Webmaster Tools.

As you can see from the announcement on Google Webmaster blog[1] it is very easy to connect your GWT account with your Google+ profile and enable the stats to show up in GWT, which will allow you to see clicks and impressions for your author profile.

Under the Labs section in the GWT panel you will see “author stats” section, when you expand it you will be able to see stats for clicks and impressions for certain pages.

Besides the old way of verifying your author profile, by cross linking your author and Google+ profile, there is a new one[2].

Log in to your Google+ profile and click on edit profile. Scroll down to where you see the Mobile section, open up the dropdown and click on email. Enter the email associated with the author profile and the domain you want to track, set the visibility to be “Anyone on the Web” and save. After that finish with the editing then scroll down again and next to your mail will be a “verify” link, click on that and all you have to do is open up the mail you stated and verify your profile.

verify authorship


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