Article Spinning, Another Bad Idea

In one of the recent posts I did I talked about blog networks and why they should be avoided as Google has numerous ways of figuring out the network. Just this morning I got one of those spam mails regarding a new software that is going to “revolutionize” the link building sphere. I wouldn’t pay any attention to it, but the person sending the email was someone I knew as a person who wouldn’t advertise such crap, so it got my attention.


Next step, look up the software in question, go through reviews, find open discussion on IM forums and see what people are saying. Needless to say after reading everything that person dropped in my eyes and is now marked as spam, so no more mails from him. What is the deal, like any other link building software that is spamming your mailbox this one also relies on spinning articles. To make it worse it publishes the spinning articles on blog networks. Anyway, the topic in question is not the software or the blog networks, but spinning, and why you should avoid it, especially now in 2012 and onward.

I know that most small business don’t have enough money to hire a company to manage their internet marketing and SEO, but spending money on article marketing and spinning is not going to work either. In fact it may have a reversed effect and ruin a business. It doesn’t matter the reason why you are spinning your articles, for your own sites, for article directories or blog networks, to have content or to build links, it’s a bad idea.

First of all, any spinning will reduce the quality of the original article, no matter how good the spinner or spinner software is. Using various synonyms is just going to make it even harder to read. You can advocate that it’s for links only and not for users, doesn’t matter, Google has advanced in scanning content and it has a good idea what good and bad are. Not to mention that it will easily find out the duplicate content across the web, not just duplicate, but every similar as well.

The second thing why spinning will get you nowhere in the long run is because it limits where you can place your articles. If you want to get some benefit from the links the content needs to be of quality and needs to be placed on a website that will pass some authority and traffic. No decent blog owner will publish a spun article as it will be noticed in the first few sentences that something is wrong with it. So that leaves you with 3 options, blog networks, article directories and your own sites, which will not give the desired results.

Most of the article directories already took a hit and can no longer pass link juice, the editorial is low and the crap content is piling up. The few remaining article directories that can boast about some quality will reject the article. Blog networks, even if they are of quality now, once they start publishing the crap you submit there they will soon lose their authority and your site will go down as well. Your own sites, what’s the point, just to have content there, they will not rank, they will not pass any value as well.

One thing that you got right with the idea of article spinning and marketing is that content marketing is what you should be doing, but you got the wrong idea on how to implement it. First you need quality on your own site, whether it is an offer, product, tutorial or video, doesn’t matter. The next thing you need is high quality, no mark that, amazing quality content that will be published on remarkable sites that will pass link juice for years and years to come. For that you don’t need to invest in article spinners or crappy content by the pound, the same amount of time can be invested in writing few exceptional articles that can easily be published on high authority sites. The result, you may not see the quick rise in ranks as article spinning on blog networks may bring temporarily, but you will get constant rise of rankings, traffic and authority in your market that will be here to stay.

Zac is a link building specialist and a seasoned SEO professional. He manages a team of link builders and actively promotes some of Australia's biggest brands. Zac is an active blogger and also maintains Dejan SEO's news and updates section.

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