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Are you harnessing the power of Google Image search?

Google Image Search is a wonderful search tool that lets you search for images specifically and whilst it’s not a new member of the Google family, it’s certainly proving itself to be even more valuable moving forward.

Image Search has evolved to include features that let you refine your search, from image size to colour and even if it has a face or is a photo or is clip art.

If you wanted pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul or even the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve – your best bet would be to go directly to Image Search to find what you’re looking for. It’s not limited to famous sights either – how about antique French cabinets? or green party hats? or pictures of a sunset? It’s all in Image Search and the sky really is the limit.

Now it’s great for consumers and regular web users but what about using Image Search as a tool to drive more traffic to your site? It’s entirely possible, because not everyone goes straight to web search when using Google!

By using appropriate “alt text” to succinctly describe your images, you’re already on your way to getting your images indexed by Google and found through Image Search.  Google naturally focuses on relevancy so keeping your alt tags as relevant as possible should be your goal. It’s of great importance to businesses that have images of products that utilise product codes. In some industries, products are known by their codes and your customers are probably typing in product codes into image search, hoping it might show up some results. Think about your images and your consumers and what would work best for them.

Recently, Google announced some changes to Image Search, namely that it is now considering the quality of a landing page as one of many new signals for displaying images. So basically, on top of relevancy, the quality of your landing page (or the page with the relevant image) is what also determines where the image ranks. This also ties in with improved spam detection (from regular search) being applied across Image Search.

So expect to see better quality images, from better quality websites as the weeks go by.

Jaaved Khatree is a well-rounded Web Generalist and Digital Marketer, with a keen interest in all things SEO and Web Design. He specialises in rock solid SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns for small to medium businesses all over the world. Jaaved first went online in 1996 and has been connected ever since.

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