Are you a tab freak?

There are two types of internet users, those who know how to use bookmarks and there are tab freaks. Tab freak cannot close a good tab, a tab that contains a precious but of information which tab freak may need in the future. Tab freaks leave their tabs open for as long as necessary and close them only when the RAM runs out. Tab freak’s worst enemy? Browser crash!

Cool wHip!

And here our special gift to all the tab freaks out there. A Chrome plugin we call Cool wHip which opens ALL LINKS in Google search results, each in a new tab – all in a single click!

Download Link:

You’re welcome, and thanks for sharing!


Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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20 thoughts on “Are you a tab freak?

  1. Ohhhhh … maaaaaaaaaaaan … what kind of knucklehead would have 50+ tabs open? And just one vote … meaning, that must be me. Ummm, 62 tabs at the moment. 15 of those tabs are pinned … standard resources for me: Gqueues, Gmail, Google Calendar, domain registrar, hosting company, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, G+, etc. The rest I will eventually save as bookmarks or close. Willing to bet I won’t drop below 20-25 tabs. I also have Photoshop CS4, Tweetdeck (about 20 columns) and a few low-resource applications like Notepad open. Performance is just fine on a 2.8 ghz i7 processor with 8 gig of ram. Two monitors … go figure.

  2. I hit 140 Firefox tabs before my last browser crash, and that’s not counting another 5 to 10 open in Chrome when it happened. Firefox just gives me a list of lost tabs after restarting, and I choose which ones I need to reload. When I checked, 140 tabs was using up at least 1.4 GB of DDR3 RAM out of 4GB total.

  3. Right, I should clarify that at least 120 tabs were link prospects from doing competitive analysis. Maybe a total of 20 were articles and personal tabs. I came up with a method of managing extreme tab counts that I’m going to write a post about soon, I’ll try to remember to link it here.

  4. Currently 3 chrome browser windows (separate profiles), 12 tabs between them (that’s low for me), and my bookmarks bar is full (includes folders to fit more in).

    Oh, and my home page (pinned tab) is a custom page with around 1,000 links in it :-)

    I think my limit on tabs is when the tab is only big enough for the close button.

  5. It’s Chrome … and now that I see that there are another six votes (at the moment) in the 50+ category (including Kane Jamison, I presume), I’m not feeling quite so far beyond the mean.

  6. I don’t usually have 50+ tabs open (only 32 at the moment) and I do pin most of the tabs I plan to go back to later in the day, though I’m sure once Chrome gets either the “Smart Bookmark Bar” or the “Roomy Bookmarks” add-ons which Firefox has, that will quickly change… particularly if I find an add-on for multi-row tabs.

  7. It’s great for your regular work. Interestingly chrome remembers what page the pinned tab was on last time, so it’s not like having multiple start-up pages that always start on the same page.

  8. I had so many tabs open yesterday that I couldn’t even guess what they were – didn’t even have the favicon visible! So I opened up another window and started filling that up… Decided I needed to read some stuff, that it was getting a bit intense. Right now I have 20 – don’t think that’s too freakish.