Application Rich Snippets in Google

Google is making Google search better and better with each passing day with new updates and improvements that almost give us direct answers without having to visit any websites. Their recent Flight search brought a lot of attention to itself, but their latest update, introduction of application rich snippets[1] will surely help users looking for applications online to find what they want very fast.

With rich snippets[2] showing in search for music, products and shopping, the application rich snippets was just the logical next step. So what do application rich snippets bring to the table?

application rich snippet

Users looking for applications via Google search will be able to see the thumbnail of the application, ratings, number of people that rated the app as well as the price for the application. Basically you won’t have a need to visit the website unless you are looking for detailed descriptions or to purchase the app; you have almost everything needed to make a decision in the search results.

The rich snippet will also surely increase CTR, so implementing application rich snippets from the start is a wise idea as you will surely stand out among your competitors in the search results.




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