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Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics: 7 New Features

The web is changing and webmasters have to change with it. That’s why Google Analytics has recently unveiled several features that promise to give webmasters a new generation of tools and information. These will allow for more involved customization both for conventional and mobile traffic.

Smart Tools, Custom Alerts

Google Analytics is now smarter with an algorithmic-driven intelligence engine, monitoring data patterns by the day, week, and month. This can bring up trends and deliver insights users might not have come across on their own, pointing the way to smarter optimization. Users can also now create their own custom alerts, bringing up the crucial data they want either in the reports or directly to an email account.

New Ways To Measure Success

Users can track conversions in greater detail with up to 20 customized goals for each user profile. “Time on Site” and “Pages Per Visit” are also now measure how effectively the site is reaching visitors and helps web masters measure the effectiveness of branding efforts. It takes only minutes to set up, making Google Analytics more user-friendly than ever.

New Reports From Mobile Visitors

Google Analytics users can now see more detailed data derived from mobile users, tracking applications for Android and iPhone visitors. Webmasters that add php, perl, aspx, or php mobile websites will allow users to track mobile phones that don’t support Java script. Web masters will also be able to analyze mobile device data, comparing and contrasting with standard visitors under “Mobile Reports”.

Measuring Unique Visitors

The value of your site hinges on the number of unique visitors to your site. Google Analytics now has a “Unique Visitors” metric that can be included in Advanced Segements and Custom Reports, allowing webmasters to keep close track of this important barometer for the success of the site. Compare and contrast this with any other element in site measurements and glean valuable insights on the performance of the site.

Dig Deeper With Advanced Analysis

Now with Advanced Table Filtering, Pivoting, and Secondary Dimensions, Google Analytics enables webmasters to analyze data in greater depth than ever before right within the account. Analysis this thorough has never been so easy.

Share Custom Report Templates and Advanced Segments

All the data accessed and analyzed through Google Analytics can be easily shared with a URL link sent to any user with a Google account. By sharing the link, the user automatically ports the necessary analytics template to that account. Webmasters can also share or hide Custom Reports and Advanced Segments by user profile. This allows for greater information sharing and security, helping teams and groups stay on the same page.

Custom Variables for Web 2.0 Analysis

Bring up the most vital data about the interactions on the site. Track and define visitors according to pages visited, whether they’re signed in or signed out, and a whole variety of other factors. Classify a whole host of factors and get the most out the available data in customizing the site to your users.

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