Adsense Reporting with Adsense API and Chart Tools

For most webmasters, SEOs and SEMs life just got a little bit easier with Google Adsense publishing a short tutorial on adding custom adsense reporting using Adsense Api and Chart Tools.

adsense analytics

Their recent post[1] intended to make it easier for us to create reports and monitor several aspects of our PPC campaigns:

–          Line chart with requested ads for the entire year segmented by months

–          Another column chart with page views, ad requests, matched requests, as well as single ad impressions for the entire year by months

–          Table with number of ad requests, matched requests and impressions for the entire year

–          And a geo chart showing page views by country for the entire year

But that is not all Google explained, they also showed us how to refine the visualization results by filtering the data and customizing our charts. This is what we can expect from the Google Api and Chart tool posts this week, so far they only showed us how to create a line chart.

All the api calls and charts data can be found at Google Adsense Blog.


  1. Adsense Management API and Chart Tools week: Monday –

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