A (not so) subtle ad for ads on Google+

In January this year we spotted signs of first (though internal) advertising material on Google+. Today we saw a rather prominent call to action in Google’s new “Dashboard” feature on Google+.

Dashboard Adwords CTA

The dashboard itself doesn’t really offer that much and it seems to replace the “Home” option for individual users. Perhaps Google’s planning to include more statistics in the future, but for now it seems that “Try Adwords Express” is a dominant feature.

Hints at future developments are indicated via the  “Come back to Dashboard” message. Perhaps we will see further Adwords type integration and more detailed engagement and authorship related data. Time will tell.

Dashboard Menu

Further to the push for advertising, Google+ are tying to encourage further engagement on their platform, suggesting that ‘People want to hear from you‘. Along with the suggestions to share text, photos, links and videos, there is a significant call to action across most of Google+ to engage via a Hangout. The Dashboard is by no means immune to this push.


More developments due for the Google+ space in the not too distant future for sure. No longer is G+ labeled ‘just another social platform’ but indeed a significant consideration for individuals and businesses alike. It seems Google (and the public) will not relegate this project to the likes its ugly cousin ‘Google Wave’ (and other projects) any time soon.

Lots of eggs are in this basket it seems!


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