301 Redirect Value – Same Value as Link

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Most of the talk yesterday revolved around an old myth and a frequent question in the SEO sphere, how do 301 redirects influence page rank and in what measure.

Some thought and claimed over the years that 301 redirect should be avoided as they will lose you PageRank. On the other hands most thought that 301 redirects bring more value than a link, so they even created these crazy redirect schemes that make my head spin just thinking about them.

Things are finally clearer, thanks to Matt Cutts, who answered a question in one of his webmaster videos, “what percentage of page rank is lost through a 301 redirect”, for more info watch the video, for a short answer, the same amount that is lost through a regular link. And if you are wondering how much that “amount” exactly is, you guess is as good as anyone’s, it can be 10%, it can be 15%, maybe it varies from case to case or maybe it is a whole different number from what we think it is, or hope.


1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Filv4pP-1nw

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