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Utilising ITC Exhibitions To Stay Ahead

There have been a number of serious changes to the business world in the past 20 years or so. Technology has advanced at an extremely rapid pace and globalization has totally changed most aspects of the economic environment. Global communication has become an everyday activity thanks to the Internet. ICT is expanding rapidly in this environment and companies should analyse their operations at both the macro and the micro levels in order to foster growth and secure profitable market shares.

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Just a couple of decades ago, large companies could totally dominate the markets at will. Former president Henry Ford had an interesting saying related to this “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black”. This just isn’t the case anymore. Every company now has access to the internet and as long as a particular is tech-savvy, the sky is the limit.

Any business can stand a real chance providing they offer an excellent product or service. Most of the barriers that use to prevent smaller companies from “breaking through” just do not exist anymore. So if everyone can enter into the same market without difficulty, how do you secure a competitive advantage? The most successful companies that operate via the internet understand that public relations and sound marketing strategies are of the utmost importance. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) takes care of both of these requirements if used properly. Just about every company worth their salt will make an attempt at an SEO campaign, but very few of them are actually good at it. It is critical that your web site is easily accessible and targeted to users who are performing Internet search for the products/services your company offers. SEO is the only process that can be used to effectively make your web site rank in the top results of a search engine. SEO allows you to gain global exposure and expand awareness of your company, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

An effective SEO strategy will be focused on long-term results and should definitely be performed by a qualified and professional SEO company. We have over 10 years of experience in this field and are also the leading SEO Company located in Australia. We have a verifiable past history of success and we can prove it. Perform a Google search for “SEO and you will find DEJAN SEO in the top 5 results. We know how to deliver. Our founding member, Dan Petrovic, is a well known SEO expert with extensive experience in this field. We are well-versed in on-site optimization, social media marketing, and quality back-linking strategy. We always keep up on the latest trends in the SEO/ICT world and are always devising new approaches for this ever-evolving field. It is our belief that it is necessary for any company that does business in this field to do so as well. Attending exhibitions and other events is critical for those who wish to secure their operations and expand their business. There are 3 major events taking place in Australia that brings together local and international businesses and ICT/SEO professionals.

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DEJAN SEO plans to attend the majority of these events. These events are CeBIT Australia, ABITE Sydney, and SMX Sydney: ABITE offers several seminars and exhibits aimed at education business owners and entrepreneurs in E-commerce, Internet marketing, and other relevant topics. This event will be held on April 28th-29th and will be located at The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. CeBIT is one of the world’s largest business events and focuses on IT and communications solutions. CeBIT will offer several different conferences, exhibitions, and workshops. CeBIT will take place on the 24th-26th of May 2010 at the Sydney Convention And Exhibition Centre. SMX is the first (and only) search engine marketing event to be held in Australia.

The goal of SMX is to provide the highest possible value to all attendees. SMX will take place on the 22nd-23rd of April 2010 at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. DEJAN SEO is proud to be an exhibitor and partner at all of these events. We will be located on stand J5 in CeBIT, and will be located at booth #10 at SMX. If you plan on attending CeBIT or SMX, keep an eye out for Mr. Petrovic. Petrovic will be sharing his extensive experience and knowledge on the following topics “Intelligent Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses” and “Quality Link Building Techniques”. DEJAN SEO ABITE Sydney CeBIT Australia SMX Sydney

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Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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