100 Dollar Marketing Challenge

100 Dollar Idea

If you had only $100 to promote something, how would you spend it?

We’re looking for creative and helpful ideas for ‘marketing on a shoestring’. Tell us how you would spend $100 to get the maximum ROI. The answer we like the best will receive $100 via PayPal.

Topic: Local Accountant

Note: This could be any form of online marketing which can also be applied for other business types. The reason we picked the ‘local accountant’ is because these types of businesses generally don’t have huge budgets and operate in what others describe as ‘boring’ industry where it’s hard to come up with creative concepts.

Your ideas will be published on our blog and when deciding on the best one we’ll factor in any audience reactions we spot, including social media.


I would write a blog post that discussed promoting an accounting practice on a shoestring budget. The post would include the benefits of creating free business promotion features like google places, facebook business, blogger.com blog posts. With links to these profiles within the post.

The Google Getting Aussie Business Online (gettingbusinessonline.com.au) promotion will provide a free website and domain name for 2 years. Would then submit post to business blogs to various business blogs as a guest post (smartcompany.com.au, myob.com.au and xero.com all regularly accept posts from accountants due to relevant subject matter). These sites have large social audiences their guest posts are promoted too. Free advertising and great link building.

From there I would assign $50 geo-target some Facebook ads (avg .62c per click) to the local area for certain demographics to a landing page promoting the service. $50 on Adwords for low cost localised terms ‘*suburb* accountant’ etc.

Idea by Daylan Pearce

Other Ideas:

David Iwanow says:

I would certainly produce a quick video about the product and then spend the $100 running YouTube ads to get people viewing the video. You can get targeted views in your geographic region/vertical from around $0.05 to $0.14 per view.

Cheng Yi Chiao says:

Crazy idea: Let it Snowball: (assuming it is for a charity)
1. Pass the message down the line and pass the money down the line.
2. Each person would see the message and contribute a dollar more
3. Keep passing the money alongand the message along.

Stephen Macfarlane says:

I would start by coming up with a unique online identity, something like “Timmy The Sole Trader Tax Hero”. I would then register a blog on a free blog site like blogger.com (using that identity) and start to blog tax tips/hints around May / early June – I would focus on freelancer / sole business owner tips.

I would use Email Form to create a contact page along with a follow me on Twitter button (all free).

At the same time I would start a Twitter account using that identity and follow people in my area that appear to be sole traders / freelancers etc, all of which again is free. I would post small tips daily and links back to my blog on Twitter weekly. I would spend the $100 on Google Adwords – focusing on niche keywords (sole trader tax perth etc) – by being very niche you can spread the spend and draw people into your blog, if you strike before other accounts are bidding you can get some good value and draw people into your social network early on. The same keywords would be written into the blog giving you great organic search, plus the Twitter feed would add to this digital footprint.

By positioning yourself as someone who can help and someone who is an expert to a niche market you will get people contacting you to do lodge their tax with you.

Kumail Hemani says:

I will make an awesome press release for the promotion of my business and get that news submitted on PRWeb.com ($89/ news) – as it is followed by many high authority news websites – Also, it is more likely to picked-up by “Yahoo News”. For $11 – I will get Twitter promotion and get as many clicks I can.

Russell Moverley says:

$100 worth of photocopying. Write something witty and delightful then spend the money making as many copies as possible then hit the streets and drop them into letterboxes. Alternatively photocopy actual money with a message on the back about how the account can help you make it. Then leave it in letterboxes.

Ivan Ferić says:

I would make a strategy which I would promote with that $100.

The strategy would be as follows:

  • Every 10th hour (or service usage or sth.) is free of charge
  • If you buy your first hour (or use our service for the first time or sth.) this week, we’ll make it count as if you bought 2 extra hours (or used service 2 more times or sth.)

Remarkably, this proved to raise sales and brand loyalty in many cases. It proved better even if you lowered the number of hours bought to receive the free hour.

Why? Because, if you say, lowered the promotion to every 8th hour is free, and somebody bought the first hour, he was 1/8 (=12,5%) down the road of getting the free hour. On the other hand, if you did what I described above, and someone buys it’s first hour, he gets 2 extra hours and is 3/10 (=30%) down the road of getting the free hour. It doesn’t really matter that in both cases you need to buy 7 extra hours to get the free hour because our minds tend to trick us into feeling like we struck a better deal.

The only thing you must make sure of is that those 2 extra hours the customer get are deserved, not a gift for this trick to work – in this case it’s because the customers used your services for the first time and it’s the price you’re paying for making them your customer.

Craig Addyman says:

I’d get active on twitter and facebook, connecting with all the local community groups and simply offer $100 to the person or charity/organisation of there choice who can come up with the best reasons to use a (me) local accountant.

Khalid Adam says:

  • select 10 topics that businesses ask about and 10 topics they SHOULD ask about. get 20 accountants with each one writing a chapter (4 pages) addressing each topic. this creates credibility, authority and expert status.
  • compile it into a book and create a good title like “10 things every serious business should be asking” with subtitle ” and answers to 10 common topics that hurt business growth”.
  • give away the eboo and for free if the customer pays $9.95 to cover shipping and handling to the first 500 businesses . put it up on amazon and barnes and noble.
  • create a video on one of the chapters and use that as a lead generation, upsell on thank you page should be the hardcopy for free if they pay shipping and handling of $9.95
  • send regular emails with interesting points referring to specific page / chapter in the book because most won’t read it. extend free hardcopy with $9.95 shipping to friends and families.
  • offer a workshop on the book and call in the other accountants. you’ll get a bigger crowd because it takes guts (and a strong marketing strategy) to work with your competition.
  • this should generate some quality clients but it’s only the beginning of what can be done.
  • use the $100 for lunch at michael’s oriental. say hi too michael nee.

Priyal Parikh says:

I would like to use FB ads where i can generate more leads.

Tony McCreath says:

I would offer 10% of the deal to professional marketers ;-)

Sophie Wrobel says:

I would open up a contest with a 75 dollar prize and advertise it on various social media channels. To enter the contest, you have to answer a questio: Submit the most difficult income tax scenario you can think of. The most creative scenario wins and will be published on the contest page – with a bonus 25 dollars for a scenario that would stump the accountant.

Andriy Nurzhynskyy says:

Preparation (without money).
1) Making simple but stylish facebook page with few cases about local tax problems and solutions.
Case in style – “”John Smith from Green street pay 1000 usd taxes but when he start work with our accounting company , he pay 200 usd for our company and only 300 usd taxes because {anything from real accounting practice} “” Name and surname may be fake but street, city, tax problem must be real and local.

2) Making small PDF Guide about basic tax tasks – for example “”How to pay small taxes in {local city}””

3) Basic level tax consulting on facebook page and any FAQs about taxes
Say all local friends and family like it page.
Make 5-10 usd discount for every client who like your page (for trust company it discount may be very big – for example like from CocaCola or Adidas acc will automaticly make very big trust for your accounting company).

4) Start local and good targeted facebook advertising on all money. If city not big every people who will see advertising will see what another people from it city like it page and CTR will very high. On facebook page every who like – receive free local tax guide and one hour consulting (if it possible).

Goal – every local taxpayer must like page of accounting company.
After it – news, offers, reminders about pay taxes, new cases – “”how saving money”” – all presale communication make on facebook page.

Gyi Tsakalakis says:

Free blog, twitter, Facebook page, offer 100 small local businesses $1 to review their books. If accountant can find error or save biz money, biz pays accountant $100.

Muhammac Ismail says:

1. Create a page on Facebook
2. Gather some fans
3. Run a contest like this one to win $50
4. Use the other $50 to advertise the page

Jitendra Bhardwaj says:

Social Media is the best internet Marketing where visitors can get the more information about service or product and attract to your website were you can get more traffic on analytic’s.

Abeen says:

I would set up a website for business name recognition (Signing up cheapest from the market, Domain Name, 12 $ + responsive theme, 28 $ + hosting, 54 $), include any CPA membership, achievements, videos, photos to engage customers . Adding a blog is helpful to share news, updates & experiences about the business. Announce something e.g free consultation for first 100 customers or any discount coupon.

I would get local to reach local. Sign up with Google Places, local directories, classified ads providing discounts or free coupons for any of accounting services.

Now it is time to get social. I would list business on LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Google Plus, twitter, forums, Q&A sites creating a network, following industry leaders to learn, communicating with other professionals for referrals, sharing & answering followers, customers and building a trust in the network.

Organic listing in Google is for free and use any free analytical tools available to better understand users and business. Now I would pay remaining $ to internet cafe and for my coffee.

Andrew Isidoro says:

Setup a website with a quick wordpress install + Buddypress to include a community facility, and a partial match domain. ($50)

Reach out locally through Google Places and local SEO, but also interact globally with the industry on LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Google Plus and Twitter.

Making small but useful guides on accountancy availbe via social media in exchange for a like/tweet/share etc.

Guest post/comment on finance related blogs, news, and industry websites to improve traffic and brand recognition.

Use the remaining $ to send a press release to a major syndication source + contact relevant industry news sites for coverage of the new community.

Use the local accountants blog as a platform to build national authority, offer the community to participate via Q+A, UGC and incourage interaction through comments.

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